We are professional sharpening.

Whether to sharpen circular saw blades, band saw, knives, cutters, irons specific ... we have the tools to do so.

You send us your tools or your blades and we take care of sharpening and the reshipment. We will send the invoice you by separate mail.

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Affutage de ciseaux

From €3.33 excl tax

Affutage de couteaux

From €4.17 excl tax

Affûtage de fraises

From €8.46 excl tax

Affûtage fer profile

Le prix est pour 1 fer.
€4.81 excl tax

Sharpening circular Saw Blade

We propose sharpening circular saw blades for wood and non-ferrous metals
From €6.88 excl tax

Affûtage et réparation de scies à ruban

L'affutage comprend, le planage, le tensionnage, l'avoyage et l'affutage
From €7.08 excl tax

Affutage d'outils de jardin

From €5.83 excl tax

Affûtage de fraise scie

From €11.11 excl tax

Travail du bois

From €7.50 excl tax